A list of small online businesses providing goods or software products unrelated to bitcoin that accept bitcoin. Companies using payment processors that (optionally) auto-convert to fiat will be listed based on attestation that they hodl or 3rd party endorsement. We do not list shitcoiner companies.Let us know on twitter what we're missing! @CircularBTC

Farmer Bill's

We make our biltong in small batches, and ship them extremely fresh.

Mei Leaf Tea

pinnacle teas from the perfect terroirs and picked at the perfect season.

Smith Pastures

soy-free, raised on grass, non-gmo, chicken, broth, and feet

Fenix Ammunition

ammunition manufacturing, product development, and equipment

Satoshi Coffee Co.

fresh-roasted coffee... We try to ship the same day as your order

The Good Beans

Specialty grade coffee from El Salvador

Peony Lane Vineyards

growing in an environment that produces... the highest quality wine.


HiFi 'supplemental sunlight': UVB, far UVA / violet, cyan, red, & near IR + ColdTech

LN Prints

Custom sticker printing service. Bitcoin only.

Lightning Bazaar Honey

100% Pure Raw Australian Honey.

Mushmore Supplements

Psychedelic mushrooms in microdoses.

Software Services and Computer Hardware

Sovran Systems

a sovereign personal desktop computer and a sovereign private server

Start9 Labs

computers to run sovereign servers, which have the option to be run with StartOS


Hourly Billed KVM Cloud Servers with Snapshots, Block Storage, and More.


Get a phone number to send and receive texts from any country.


a very simple VPN pay-as-you-go service paid via Bitcoin Lightning

OTHER SUPPLIERS/BUSINESSES that do not meet our topline criteria, which includes widespread shipping to at least 100mm people (many food suppliers will inherently be more localized), or businesses that do not have an online storefront checkout process.

Build a store, start stacking more sats, and get on this list! Here is a stack of some available tools: